What happens at a Children’s Centre?

Children’s Centres offer a wide range of services to meet you and your child’s needs – all in one place.

We aim to improve outcomes for all children by providing:

  • Good quality childcare
  • Opportunities for parents
  • Meeting the needs of the local community

Our services

At the Centre we provide a range of services:

  • Parent and Toddler groups
  • Baby group, with Health Visitors Assistants available
  • Midwife Antenatal Clinic
  • Parent/Carers Workshops and Training
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Links to Job Centre
  • Health Trainer referral
  • Family support
  • One-Stop Shop

Other activities

Other activities available at the Centre include:

  • Family fun sessions
  • Breastfeeding Peer Support
  • Gardening Project
  • Includes us 2 – help and support for parents with children with educational or additional needs

We welcome feedback on any aspect of the range of services we provide.